Termidor Termite Elimination by Brown Exterminating

The Most Effective and Reliable Termite Protection

Brown Exterminating uses the Termidor High Efficiency Termiticide Copack to provide the most reliable and effective termite elimination and protection available in the United States. Termidor has a solid reputation as America’s preferred termite defense system due to its effectiveness rate and long-term reliability.

Termidor H.E. Copack uses the most advanced technology available today to ensure that the treatment’s active ingredient, Fipronil, penetrates and spreads throughout the soil where it remains to provide ongoing effectiveness and security against termite infiltration.


Termidor is a Highly Efficient Termiticide

Application of the Termidor H.E. Copack is a highly efficient and effective termite elimination method. Termidor requires half of the water and significantly less trenching and drilling than other standard termiticide applications. You can expect 77% smaller trenches around your home and 1/3 less drilling when you choose Termidor.

There is much less labor and equipment involved with a professional application of the Termidor H.E. Copack, therefore your termite elimination will proceed efficiently and will continue to provide reliable protection.

Choose Termidor –The Best Termite Defense

When you choose Termidor, you are choosing the best professional termite extermination and defense method available. Termidor is the gold standard by which other termiticides are compared. Termidor eliminates 100% of termite and carpenter ant colonies within three months and is guaranteed to be effective.

Due to Termidor’s delayed effect, pest insects pick up and distribute the product throughout the entire colony, which then experiences rapid die-off. Termidor remains effective long after all of the termite or carpenter ant colonies are destroyed and continues to protect against future infestations.

Brown Exterminating will professionally apply Termidor to eliminate your termite infestation and prevent future infestations. Contact us at (540) 674-0612 for a free inspection, estimate, or to schedule an extermination service.