Brown Exterminating identifies & eliminates bed bug infestations in Southwest Virginia
Brown Exterminating provides warming signs & tips for avoiding bed bug infestations in Southwest Virginia
Bed bug extermination in Southwest Virginia

Professional Bed Bug Elimination by Brown Exterminating

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Brown Exterminating provides professional bed bug elimination services throughout the New River Valley region and all of southwest Virginia.

There are several signs that indicate a potential bed bug infestation:

  • Bed Bug Fecal Material Present (Blackish-Brown Stains or Mounds)
  • Presence of One or More Bed Bugs (Similar Appearance to an Apple Seed)
  • Red Bed Bug Bites or Welts on the Skin
  • Shed Skins of Growing Bed Bugs

How to Identify a Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown insects that are approximately 4 to 5 mm long and oblong in shape. They are fairly easy to identify.

Bed bugs typically live in mattresses, sofas, and chairs where people spend significant amounts of time. The bed bugs emerge to feed on human blood (usually at night) and retreat back into the soft material of the furnishings where they tend to hide in cracks, corners, and seams of mattresses, sheets, furniture, floor boards, behind baseboards, picture frames, and behind electrical outlets. It can be difficult to determine how the bed bugs gained entry but they usually travel via direct or indirect person-to-person contact.

Bed bugs are very common in hotels and motels where they travel from room to room and hitch rides to visitors’ homes on luggage and other personal items. Bed bugs pose a major public relations and liability issue for commercial establishments. Any bed bug infestation must be dealt with promptly.

Avoid Contracting Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bites are extremely uncomfortable. They can lead to infections and leave lasting scars. Female bed bugs breed constantly and infestations can grow very quickly.

To help avoid contracting bed bugs, you should immediately wash all items that you took on a trip as soon as you get home in the hottest water possible. You should also inspect, vacuum, and wash bedding and couches regularly, with particular attention given to these areas after having houseguests. Keep your home as free from clutter as possible to aid in identifying any infestations before they get out of control.

Brown Exterminating professionally and efficiently eliminates bed bug infestations from residential and commercial properties throughout southwest Virginia. Call us for a free inspection, estimate, or to schedule a professional termite elimination service. Call: (540) 674-0612.